Best Baby Items

Finding out that my husband and I were expecting our first baby was one of the most exciting moments of my life. The second I saw those two pink lines, my mind immediately raced to how our lives were forever changed. In an instant, our world revolved around this tiny human that was barely the size of a poppy seed!

With all of that excitement, came much planning. And SO much buying!!¬†Being a first time mom, it was impossible to know what I would really need and what I wouldn’t. I did plenty of Googling and even more Pinteresting, and yet you don’t really know what will be essential for¬†your family until you are there.

With all of the excitement of a new baby comes SO much buying!! Here are the best baby items that are so worthwhile and essential to our family. Be sure to add these to your baby registry.

Now that our sweet Joshua is here, I can immediately tell you which items were absolutely worthwhile and helpful. Here are the best baby items that our family could not live without!

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