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Finding out that my husband and I were expecting our first baby was one of the most exciting moments of my life. The second I saw those two pink lines, my mind immediately raced to how our lives were forever changed. In an instant, our world revolved around this tiny human that was barely the size of a poppy seed!

With all of that excitement, came much planning. And SO much buying!! Being a first time mom, it was impossible to know what I would really need and what I wouldn’t. I did plenty of Googling and even more Pinteresting, and yet you don’t really know what will be essential for your family until you are there.

With all of the excitement of a new baby comes SO much buying!! Here are the best baby items that are so worthwhile and essential to our family. Be sure to add these to your baby registry.

Now that our sweet Joshua is here, I can immediately tell you which items were absolutely worthwhile and helpful. Here are the best baby items that our family could not live without!

Lots and LOTS of Prefold Burp Cloths

I knew I wanted plain white burp cloths that I could bleach, and that also wouldn’t stand out on my shoulder. I LOVE these organic cotton prefold diapers for that exact purpose! They are thick, soft and absorbent. Also, they are the perfect size. I bought a dozen of them to start out with,and within the first week I bought another dozen. While 24 burp cloths sounds ridiculous, we always use just that amount before needing to do laundry. We always have one in the bedroom, two in the living room, one in the car, several in his bag… you get the picture.

Mustela Baby Products

I can’t brag on this brand enough! Josh has some finicky skin. He breaks out easily on his face and chest, and also has some mild cradle cap. We first used Aveeno Baby products. We love Aveeno so I thought this was a safe bet, however, even with its more natural ingredients and no fragrance, it dried him out pretty badly. These products though, have been wonderful! Even the ones with fragrance don’t irritate his skin and smell pretty yummy! Here are the ones I currently use and love: cleansing water (amazing for baby acne!), infant shampoo, cradle crap cream (this stuff works so well!), hydra-bebe lotion, and their baby oil.

Bumbo Changing Pad

Baby boy really loves freedom when it comes to peeing and pooping. The second that diaper opens up signals his brain that it is time to go now! Let’s just say mama and daddy have been peed and pooped on more than we care to admit. I seriously love this changing pad because it is so easy to clean off! No covers to wash or mess with. There are also more pricey brands out there, but the Bumbo seems to be working just fine!

Portable Fan

So this one may seem silly, but this little portable fan has been such a time saver! They are great for clipping to your stroller during summer months. BUT we use it during diaper changes. Josh got a diaper rash early on, and it took a good week or so for it to finally disappear. Since then we are extra careful to prevent it. We use this to dry his bottom super quickly and thoroughly. And it’s pretty funny because little man really enjoys it! We received this one as a gift and I love it! It has a rechargeable battery and USB cord, so it is very practical.

K’tan Wrap

Am I the only one that just obsessed over baby wearing all throughout my pregnancy? I just could not wait to wear him! However, all those giant-piece-of-fabric wraps did not appeal to me at all. I tried it once while pregnant and could not for the life of me figure it out. I was eyeing these wraps though and decided to register for one. Well let me say, I am in love!! I am able to put sweet boy in it in under two minutes and it is so stinking easy. This allows me to get things done around the house while holding him and even nurse him hands-free! For that reason, this is probably the absolute best baby item I am yet to have found. The only downside I see to these is that you have to buy according to your size. So daddy would not be able to share. However, if your husband is anything like mine, he finds them girly anyway!

Yoga Ball

Josh loves being bounced. Really bounced though. At three in the morning however, my legs are rarely up for that much of a workout. Our yoga ball has been a life saver. It helps to calm him down just enough to fall asleep. This is one of daddy’s favorite tools to use too! I actually used mine all throughout my pregnancy to alleviate back pain, as well as during my labor, so I certainly feel like I got my money’s worth.

Are there any items that have been essential to your family and new baby? I would love to hear!

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